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Second edition of our monthly party, mixing Art, Music & Performances in this legendary hot spot.


+ Patrick Vidal (Paris)

Has a long history,going back to the days of punk,first succesful band was MARIE ET LES GARCONS,who were signed to the early label ZE Records and appeared on the legendary Mutant Disco compilations as well as having their own album produced by the Velvet Underground's John Cale. Marie et les Garçons played at CBGB, the notorious New York music venue, supporting X Ray Spex and toured with Patti Smith and Talking Heads-priceless credentials in the rock world. In 1982 Patrick started DJing at the infamous parisian club Les Bains Douches where stayed for 3 years. Then he went on to work throughout the 80's at seminal Parisian club le KIT KAT-the capital's first after hours club-then Le Rex, Power Station, Lili La Tigresse, Respect at le Queen, Gibus. As a musician, he has played in several bands, including Octobre who were signed to EMI and opened for David Bowie in Paris on his Serious Moonlight Tour. Throughout the 90's, he had his fingers in several pies. Not only did he continue to DJ all over Paris with many residencies but participated in a clutch of music projects including Discotique with Micronauts guru Christophe Monier, a solo LP on New Rose, a re-issue of the Divorce LP, cut in 1978 in New York with band Garçons (with producer Bob Blank and musicians from Musique, Wild Cherry, Kid Creole, Tom Savarese on the mixing desk) new version of the LP on Other Records with remixes by A Man Called Adam, Idjut Boys, Rob Mello. (...)

+ THO.MAS (Milan)

Thomas is a Sound Director based in Milano. He works since 2012 as dj, producer ,(with the nickname THO.MAS), and composer .

He plays as Resident Dj at the historical Plastic Club in Milano on saturdays and he creates original soundtracks for fashion shows and advertising campaigns , working also in New York , Paris and London.

Thanks to his unstoppable research and love for his work he reaches a wider public collaborating with several companies and institutions in the world of Art and Fashion such as Gucci, Valentino, Dior, Versace , Vogue...

The first EP as THO.MAS was released on February 2018 and his first full lenght-album on March 2019 is called “Variations”. The video of "Alpha" , released on june 2019, was selected at the last London Fashion Film Festival and at Berlin Commercial Festival.


+ EUGENE 96 (SIze7" - Paris)ène-delation/

"Le Rock and Roll Circus, 57, rue de Seine

Cela faisait trois ans que ce club était ouvert sur St-Germain. C’était l’endroit où il fallait être, le lieu où l’on pouvait rencontrer Mick Jagger, Roman Polanski, Johnny Halliday, Michel Polnareff… Il attirait les hippies, les bourgeois, et forcément les dealers qui commerçaient dehors. Le club avait recrutait un DJ, Cameron Watson, un américain du Nebraska, qui venait de déserter du Vietnam. Peu de gens pouvaient reconnaitre Jim Morrison quand il était à Paris : à cette époque sans Internet ni magazines people, les français voyaient toujours Jim comme ce rockeur à la beauté du diable. Personne ne pouvait imaginer en passant devant cet homme corpulent, avec sa grosse barbe, et ses cheveux longs, accoudé au comptoir avec une vodka, qu’il était le leader des Doors. Au début, Jim a fréquenté le Rock and Roll Circus pour pouvoir se procurer de l’héroïne pour Pamela, qui s’était fâchée avec son comte. Il fit la connaissance du DJ Cameron, avec qui il pouvait parler. Il fréquenta ce club pendant toute sa période à Paris. "



75006 PARIS

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